Looking Through You

Looking Through You
Hutchins Art Prize entry 2002

Friday, July 20, 2012

10-4 CV 2012

Professional Experience - Visual Arts.
2012 October 17 -20 Watermark Congress Cleveland Ohio, USA, IAPMA mamber.
2012  Aug - Sept, Euraba Artists and Papermakers, Boggabilla - Visiting Artists Program
2009-12 Journeyman Artist- Living in the Window for the End of Time project , Larnook,NSW studio.
2008-9 Euraba Artists and Papermakers, Boggabilla. - Manager.
2008 Art Garage studio, Byron Bay Arts and Industry Estate.
2007-8 Lighting Technician, Byron Community and Cultural Centre.
2007 Journeyman Artist re-open Larnook,NSW studio.
2006 Tutor 2D/3D, Southern Cross University, Lismore.
2003-6 Exhibitions manager, Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency, WA.
2002-3 Establish and manage Back Door, artist studio, HOBART.
2001-2 Recipient of Arts Tas loan for ‘Journeyman Artist Studio’
2001 Establish The Print Stables, (studio/ exhibition space) South Hobart.
2000-3 Technician in Printmaking, Tasmania School of Art, Hobart.
1999 Participant, 9th National Ceramics Conference / Artsbridge grant.
1996 Curator - ‘Let’s Play With Fire’, Northern Rivers ceramists, The Chocolate Factory, Lismore NSW.
1994 Establish and manage Archcerart (custom made tiles) Lismore, NSW.
1992-3 Ceramics Studio, Larnook, via Lismore, NSW.
1991 Ceramics Studio, Doubleview, Perth, WA.
1987-8 Toy Maker, Lismore NSW. Lismore Toy Repairs
1979-6 Ceramics Studio, Larnook, via Lismore, NSW.
1977 Attendant in Ceramics, Alexander Mackie C.A.E. The Rocks, Sydney.
1975-6 Ceramics Studio, Brookvale, Sydney NSW.
1974-5 Screen Printer, Original Displays, Brookvale NSW.
1974-5 Pottery teacher, Adult Education, Brookvale NSW.

• Reflective States, Virtual Ceramics by Ken Ford: : Ceramics Technical No.10 2000 pp107-108
• Working the Surface: Ceramics Technical No.8 1999 Article by Penny Smith.
• Mountain Memories: (reproduction) Art Monthly, June 1998
• Packaged Clay by Debby Kruger: Ceramics Art and Perception, vol 19, 1994
• Craft is Dead; Long Live Craft: WWW site & catalogue, 1998
• http://www.tenfourtechnolog. blogspot.com.
• http://www.shadesofhue.blogspot.com.
• Ceramics and Print ( 2nd edition) Paul Scott, 2002, pp 98.
• Status Hat, October 2010, Cover Art.
*Status Hat, 2011, Featured Artist.

Selected Recent Exhibitions
*Art Expo Sydney 2012, 21st - 23rd September. - Ten Four Technology Journeyman Artist
*Art Expo Brisbane 2012, 13th - 15th July. -Ten Four Technology Journeyman Artist.
*Byron Community and Cultural Centre, Feb/March 2008, Journeyman Artist. (solo)
• Waywood Gallery, Byron Bay,. December 2006 Beach
• Waywood Gallery, Byron Bay,. June 2006 Smalls
• Broome6 Gallery, Broome, December 2005 Printmakers of the Kimberley.
• Cafe Carlota, Broome, October 2005. Shades of Hue (Solo)
• Cafe Carlota, Broome, November 2004 Kimberley Cafe (Solo)
• Bookamor√© Hobart March/April 2003. (Solo) Book Me (for being different) (solo)
• Long Gallery Salamanca, Hobart, October 2002. Hutchins Art Prize.
• Side Space Gallery Salamanca, Hobart, June 2002.(4 person) Night Sketches
• C.A.S.T. Travelling Exhibition, 2002. Between Phenomena
• The University Gallery UTAS, Newnham, Tas. May 2001. Souvenir
• Plimsoll Gallery Hobart. April 2001 Between Phenomena
• Kelly Steps Sculpture Garden, Salamanca Place, Tas. Feb 2001 MY Eyes Are Crying Not Me.
• TUU Fine Arts Gallery, UTAS, Sandy Bay, Nov 2000 10/4 Over & Out
• Republic Hotel, North Hobart Jan /Feb2000. Vernacular Spectacular
• Carnegie Gallery, Hobart October 1999 (solo) Ecological Manipulations
• Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, Perth WA June-August ‘99 Craft is Dead, Long Live Craft
• Side Space Gallery Hobart, December 1998.(3 person) Beuys Too
• The Long Gallery, Salamanca, Hobart, May-June 1998 The Flourishing Ecology
• Victorian Crafts Gallery Melbourne, May-June 1998 Craft is Dead, Long Live Craft
• Central Academy Kuala Lumpar April, 1998 TSAH Student Exhibition
• Acqua Blu Elizabeth St Pier, Hobart, Jan 1998 (solo) Apier-Nomore
• Side Space Gallery, Hobart, December 1997.(3 person) The Boys are Back in Town
• Entrepot Gallery Hobart, 1997 (solo show) Hobart Now
• University of Technology, Sydney, 1996. East Timor: Its Future in the Asia Pacific

Selected Galleries 76 -- 96:
• Macquarie Galleries, Sydney NSW.
• Von Bertoch Galleries, Newcastle, NSW.
• Manly Art Gallery, Sydney NSW
• WA. Craft Council Gallery, Perth, W.A.

Formal Education
• 2000 Master of Fine Art and Design Tasmanian School of Art, Hobart
• 1998 Bachelor of Fine Art (honours) Tasmanian School of Art, Hobart.
• 1994-7 Bachelor of Arts (visual arts) Southern Cross University, Lismore.
• 1972-3 Ceramics Certificate, National Art School, ESTC.

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